I have used mechanical plumbers over the last 20 years for HVAC retrofit of existing and installation of new HVAC plumbing and had the privilege of working with Mechanical Plumbing Group over five of these years, to which, once we carried out our first project we have not had the need to use any other company.

The majority of our projects have been time sensitive, requiring highly skilled professionals as well as having to adapt on the run to work in with adjusted timelines and also other trades.

Mechanical Plumbing Group has been able to provide the manpower to perform the work and meet the schedules on every project, whilst exceeding the owner's / builders expectations in most instances.

With corporate fit outs there has to be a high degree of professionalism, as tenanted staff can still be working on the floor, which is where you need a contractor that can accompany these requirements with minimal mess and efficiency, which is just another reason why I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Mechanical Plumbing Group to any other company.

Adrian Gins - Managing Director